FAREWELL 2018-19

FAREWELL 2018-19

Farewell of class XII was held on 31st January 2019 in MPH. It was organized by students of class XI. The program took place in two parts: Formal and Informal.

Features of the Formal part:

1. It took place in the morning at 8:30.

2. It started with a speech by the Principal, Mrs. Preeta Jain.

3. Profile reading of class XII was done by students of class XI.

4. Students of class XII handed over diyas to class XI as a symbol of passing the legacy.

5. Parents were invited to share their views.

6. Mementos were handed over to students of class XII.

7. The Program ended with the speech given by the Director, Mr. Arjun Joshi.

Features of the Informal part:

1. Class XI welcomed the students of class XII.

2. Awards of different categories like King and Queen, Silent sober, Crowd puller etc. were given to the students of class XII.

3. Four dances were performed by class XI.

4. Special performances were given by class XII.

5. All teaching and non- teaching staff were present during the program.

6. The program concluded with a speech by our Director, Mr.Arjun Joshi, followed by a dinner.