Anapanasati: Mindfulness of Breathing (Vipassana)

Anapanasati: Mindfulness of Breathing

‘Just as breathing is the life of the body, Meditation is the life of the soul’

Vipassana sessions focusing on the technique of ‘Anapana’ were conducted in Alwar Public School from 30 August-1 September 2018.

Anapana is observation of the natural breath coming in and going out. The original term Anapanasati comes from the Pali language of ancient India. Ana means breathing in.



Apana means breathing out, Sati means awareness.

Students of the following classes attended the sessions of seventy minutes “Anapana Meditation”.


Class 10           Boys 91           Girls 51.          Total 142

Class 9             Boys 86           Girls 49.          Total 135

Class 11           Boys 50          Girls 65.          Total 115


 Class XII          Boys 38         Girls 54           Total 92


 Class V to VIII    Boys 279      Girls 184        Total 463

The sessions were facilitated by Teacher Mr. Madhurpreet Sonia, supported by Dhamma workers Mr. Harish Tiwari, Mrs.Savita and Mr. Vidhyathri. The event in charge from APS was Mr. Nikhil Mishra.