Project Based Learning Class VIII


Project based learning is basically to enhance the skills like communicational, organizational, research, interpersonal, team building and role-play etc.

The topic for class VIII this year was Crop Production and Management. Children gave their final presentation in the form of skits, talk shows, quiz, etc. The sub topics were:-

  1. River Valley civilization
  2. Domestication
  3. Agricultural Practices
  4. Tools and Equipments
  5. Fertilizers and Manure
  6. Types of crops
  7. Harvesting
  8. Marketing
  9. Revenue and administration
  10. Impact of production
  11. Animal husbandry
  12. Organic farming

Project files were displayed in MPH and presentation and files were highly appreciated by parents and teachers.

The added feature of the event was the Assessment done by the Parents along with the teachers.

Incharge: Alka Sharma and Anjana Bhardwaj