Farewell Class XII

Farewell Class XII

Graduation ceremony is a vital part of the student’s life which they cherish forever. Keeping this in mind it has also been the endeavour of Alwar Public School, to make this event a memorable one.

This Year graduation ceremony was held on 31st Jan in the magnanimous multipurpose hall of the school. It was organised in two parts:

  1. Formal part ( morning session)

In this segment students of class XII came along with their parents. Class XI read out the profiles for each and every child of class XII which reflected their connect and love for their seniors.

The handing over of diyas and keeping it over rangoli is the reflection of passing on the legacy and the ethos of the school to the juniors.

The event started with the chanting of shloka in praise of Goddess Saraswati and lighting of diya by Mr. Arjun Joshi, Mrs. Preeta Jain and Mr. Pradeep Naruka.

Class XII was given a memento which is always a group photograph of the class along with teachers. The students of class XII were blessed and addressed by our Director, Mr. Arjun Joshi and Principal, Mrs. Preeta Jain. There were few parents who acknowledged the school faculty and the management’s effort in building the beautiful years of the students.

It was followed by tea and snacks for parents and children.

  1. Informal Part (Evening session)

The most awaited time for the class XII and XI both. Students of class XII were bubbling with happiness and the charm they had while dressing up in beautiful sarees and tuxedos.

The theme of farewell was Golden Regal Awards.

Lot of innovation and effort went on in converting MPH just like a ball room.

Amidst beautiful coloured lights, there were dance performances both by class XII and XI students. The icing on the cake was the dance performance of class XI girls with our Director, Joshi Sir.

Entire class XII was nominated in different categories, to quote a few,

  1. Brainy Brunch
  2. Silent sobers
  3. Modest Meeks
  4. Decent Geeks
  5. Stardom
  6. Sada Bahar
  7. Social Butterfly
  8. King and Queen etc.…..

In each category, the winner was chosen by the class XI students only.

The cake cutting ceremony was conducted by class XI and cake was cut by Head boy, Head girl, Vice head boy and Vice head girl, Mr. Joshi and Preeta Jain.

Two students, Gurusha Grover and Chaitanya Singh of class XII acknowledged the school and teachers in their own way. This speaks volumes about the culture of the school.

DJ and some sumptuous food was organised at the pool side.

No doubt what a day to remember for both teachers and students. Mixed feeling of pain and happiness was bursting out everywhere.