• Students Council Elections 2019-20 04-04-2019



    A school’s successis based on its quality of education, well planned curriculum and its management. For smooth functioning of a school the basic requirement would be well co-ordinated administrative system.The administration has three angles Management & faculty, parents and above all the students.
    If the students are made the stake holders,nothing can be better than that.We feel proud to be a part of the institution which gives freedom to its students, not only to participate but also give inputs for the growth of the school.
    Voting at APS is a unique learning experience for students, which teachers can build upon to help young people become educated and responsible citizens. Since almost a decadethe election is conducted in a very democratic way where students from classes VI to XII (Middle and Senior School)participates in the Students Council Election.
    The School cabinet comprises of the following portfolios-
    1.Head Boy/Head Girl
    2.Education Minister Boy/ Education MinisterGirl
    3.Cultural Minister Boy/ Cultural Minister Girl
    4.Sports Minister Boy/ Sports Minister Girl
    5.Environmental Minister Boy/ Environmental Minister Girl

    School Guide for Student Council Election:

    Nomination forms were available from 18.3.19 to 24.3.19 Last date for submitting duly filled form was 25.3.19.No form will be accepted after the 25th of March.

    Photocopy of Class XI report card showing your overall %age and attendance with the form and/or copy of certificates supporting your achievements in co-curricular areas has to be attached. If there are no certificates then mention the achievements and dates.

    Incomplete forms not to be accepted.

    Final list of nominees were announced on 28.03.2019

    Campaigning will be on 5, 8 & 9th April, 2019 during the school Assembly. The time duration for the speech should not exceed 2 min. Speeches are monitored by speech committee. No negative campaigning.Nominees has to deposit their speech to election committee by 2nd April’19.

    Date of elections 11th April’19 (Thursday) & result declaration will be on 12th April’19.

    Students of classes VI to XII will cast the vote.

    Lottery system will be adopted to allot the campaigning date to each nominee.

    Campaign speech will contain only Attainable Proposals by the candidate and no insults/derogatory remarks or criticism of the opponents.

    School guidelines, rules and timeline are to be followed at all times, including the schedule for campaigning.

    Candidates and their supporters are forbidden to use any kind of intimidation, social media, threats, materials, food or financial inducements with the aim of influencing votes.

    No teacher will be involved in any kind of campaigning for any candidate.



    In case any candidate is found violating the rules and code of conduct during the election procedure, his/her candidature shall stand cancelled.