• APS - REOPENING OF SCHOOL X- Study Camp-II 20-02-2021

    Dear Parents,

    This session has been a special one and all of us have worked to the best of our capabilities to make things possible for our students. As you are aware the students of class X have already appeared for a Pre Board Examination which was conducted online. For preparing them better and helping them be ready for the Board Examination, the School is organising Study Camp II which will be conducted in the school. Students will be divided into groups according to their needs so that they can make the best use of the given time.

    The buses will be plying for the students and the routes will be shared soon. The bus fee, applicable from 24th Feb. to 31st March, 2021, is Rs. 2000/- and can be paid in cheque or cash latest by 25th Feb, 2021.

    The school is fully aware and careful about the need to adhere to all the safety protocols pertaining to social distancing as prescribed by the Government and medical authorities. We are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to our students during their physical attendance at school.

    Following arrangements will be made at school for the students:

    1. Temperature scan and sanitization at entry gate.
    2. Physical distancing in classrooms as furniture will be placed for the students to sit at 6 feet distance from each other.
    3. There will be no gatherings, functions or assemblies.
    4. Provisions for washing hands and sanitization will be available in the school.
    5. Classrooms, furniture, door knobs, handles, stair railings, floor etc. will be regularly sanitized.
    6. Proper social distancing will be practiced during the arrival and departure.
    7. A doctor and nurse will be visiting the school on a daily basis.

    As per the guideline issued by the State Government and in conformity with the guidelines issued by the Government of India you are requested to note as under:

    1. In case, your child is unwell or has symptoms of cold, cough or any other ailment, please refrain from sending him/her to school.

    2. Physical distance should be maintained in the bus.

    3. The students should carry a personal hand sanitizer with them and wear the mask throughout the day. A student will not be allowed to enter the campus if he/she is not wearing a mask.

    4. Students have to carry their personal drinking water, snacks/lunch etc. They are not allowed to share eatables, water container, books and stationery with anyone.

    5. Students have to maintain social distance in the classroom as well as the school corridors.

    6. In case a student gets/feels unwell during the school hours, he/she will be isolated and parents will be informed telephonically. Please make the arrangements to pick up your ward and take necessary action.

    Please fill the enclosed consent letter and submit the soft copy of the same to the class teacher through MS Teams and the hard copy should be sent with the student on the first day.

    Looking forward to your co-operation in creating a COVID-safe learning environment for our students at School.